Mike Beacom
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"Mike is equally adept at writing both well-researched historical pieces and opinionated columns. His contributions, both in print and on the Web, have been great additions to our regular content."

Mike Holbrook
Managing Editor, Pro Football Weekly

"Mike Beacom is a gifted sports writer whose style brings life to the stories he tells and insight to the people he describes. Having been the lead editor to his books on the Ohio State Buckeyes football team and the St. Louis Cardinals, I know of his dedication to thorough research, his commitment to tight deadlines, and his desire to work harmoniously with his publishers. Moreover, his love and knowledge of sports are invaluable assets to his writing talents."

Jerry Yamamoto
Editor, Publications International, Ltd.

"Mike Beacom gives instant credibility to Inside Wisconsin Sports magazine. I feel extremely confident assigning any story to Mike, whether it be about high school, college or professional sports. He goes above and beyond the expectations we expect and is an integral part of our magazine's success."

Chad Griepentrog
Publisher, Inside Wisconsin Sports

"Mike is always on time with writing assignments and does a great job of understanding the audience. His ability to develop a story with a progressive theme makes him a valuable tool for Beckett Media magazines."

David Lee
Editor, Beckett Football

"Mike Beacom writes a weekly Big Ten football column for us that I look forward to reading every week. He is the man I turn to when I need anything from the Big Ten, whether it is thoughtful column material or breaking news. Itís obvious that he has a good working relationship with all the schools and the coaches from that area and that gives him a nice perspective. Mikeís Big Ten Report is sometimes a behind the scenes look at the players and coaches and other times he presents a unique perspective on any given situation that is fresh and unique. One thing I can count on for sure, though, is that every column will be not only informative, but entertaining as well."

Ben Cook,
Editor, Lindys

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